Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Online Resources for Remote Staff Development

By Sam Piha

With the COVID-19 prevention efforts, afterschool programs may be looking for resources and ideas that staff could use online and remotely. Below are some no cost resources that we have developed that may be useful.

History of Afterschool in America Documentary:
This 60- minute documentary can be streamed online. We also have related resources, such as a learning guide, that can be used to support staff development.

Learning in Afterschool & Summer Learning Principles:
This short video offers interviews with national afterschool researchers and leaders on the LIAS Learning Principles. It can be streamed online.

Brief Presentations by Afterschool Leaders:
These brief video presentations from prior How Kids Learn conferences (including Shawn Ginwright, Gil Noam, Karen Pittman, Jodi Grant and more) can be streamed online.

Temescal Websites:
We have several websites in which viewers can review and download resources (articles, reports, videos, etc.) These websites include:

For more information contact us at info@temescalassociates.com.

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