Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Website Supports 21st CCLC Programs

The Department of Education has launched a new website to support the many 21st Century CLC programs across the country. You for Youth is a new website launched with the Afterschool Professional in mind. The site will help you, ".. connect and share resources with your colleagues, provide professional development and technical assistance opportunities, and offer tools for improving your program practices."

You can find curriculum information and videos, STEM activities, project-based learning, as well as information about aligning with the school day and strengthening partnerships. There are sample lessons--including those from Journey North, where students from across America participate in the online tracking of the monarch butterfly migration.

Students from across North America participate in an Internet activity on butterfly migrations through the Journey North Web site.
The site is filled with useful tools for afterschool professionals. There's a searchable map of the United States that enables you to click on your state and find contact information and lists of afterschool providers in your area.

Check it out!

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