Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mindfulness on the Move

By Sam Piha

Sam Piha
There is new information and growing evidence that confirms that mindfulness exercises within school and afterschool settings are excellent ways to promote the health and well-being of adult staff and increase impulse control and ability to stay focused among youth who participate in the exercises. In response, we created a two-day training, a written 16-week curriculum guide, along with 50 additional exercises that represent over one year of Mindfulness in Afterschool activities.

We are very excited about this out-of-the-box approach that resulted in great outcomes at a pilot in Oakland Unified School District and 10 afterschool sites in Delano Union School District. Please contact Temescal Associates if you would like more information.  

Below are a list of new resources on mindfulness. Click on them to view. 

Mindfulness in Afterschool is a training and curriculum offered by Temescal Associates in collaboration with Mindful Impact. For more information, contact Temescal Associates by clicking here

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