Monday, May 27, 2024

Youth Vote 2024: Youth Voice

Source: Our Time is Now: CA Pre-Registration PSA

By Sam Piha

“I registered to vote because youth and women fought hard so people like me could vote. I want to use that privilege to help me make decisions that will make my country better for all. After mailing in my first ballot, I felt like an adult and I was proud that I fulfilled a giant responsibility that makes a difference.” [i] – Anthea, high school student 

What do young people say about voting and elections? Below are a few videos worth viewing and sharing with youth. Click on the images below to view some videos.

Source: Why Should Young People Vote?

“Why should young people vote? As we grapple with racial inequities, violence and a pandemic that has killed 215,000 Americans, this year's presidential election may be the most important in modern history. Many students say they're energized to vote, but will they? Fewer than half of those 18 to 29 voted in the 2016 presidential election…We asked two Boston University students involved in voter registration initiatives to talk about the importance of registering casting your ballot and staying politically involved beyond sporting an 'I voted' sticker. Here's what they had to say about why young people should vote.” [ii]

Source: Kids Voting in FHSD

The above story follows students at Saeger Middle School in the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) and shows how Mr. Van Horn prepares them for a future of choosing the leaders and policies that affect our daily lives.

Source:What would get young people to vote? These teens have some ideas

What would get young people to vote? These teens have some ideas. The News Hour Student Reporting Labs interviewed 300 young people to get the next generation’s take on why it is important to vote.

Source: PBS Learning Media

So, why don’t young people vote as much as older people? Find out in the latest Above the Noise episode.


  • What are you doing to promote youth engagement in the 2024 election? 
  • Would you add any additional resources or comments that would be valuable to afterschool stakeholders? 

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[i] Youth Voter Movement, About the Movement

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