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How High School Students Can Prepare for an AI Enabled Future

Source: Inspirit AI

A Guest Blog from Inspirit AI, originally published on the Inspirit AI Blog.

Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

While Artificial Intelligence today is nowhere near having the broad intelligence and context-adjusting abilities of the human brain, the diversity of its applications is astounding. We interact with artificial intelligence more than we even realize.

For example, Alexa and Siri are virtual assistants that we interact with every day, empowering us to be more productive. Netflix, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and countless other services of everyday life are driven by artificial intelligence at their core.

In addition to these applications, AI can drive significant positive impacts across sectors such as healthcare, journalism, agriculture, and many more.

From helping doctors to identify diseases more easily and treat more patients, to detecting and preventing the spread of fake news, the possibilities of AI for social good are limited only by our imagination.

AI Leaders of Tomorrow Need to Start Today

Today’s students are poised to be the drivers of this revolution. However, education around AI remains inaccessible to most. Given its widespread effects, AI innovation should involve not only computer scientists but also policymakers tasked with regulating this powerful technology. It is essential to introduce students to AI early on and give them the tools to navigate its complex ethical implications.

Source: Inspirit AI

Through education, they can advance these technologies in an effective and responsible way. It is also critical to empower students with diverse backgrounds and interests to participate in AI — the design, production, and deployment of AI should be led by people who reflect the diversity of our rapidly changing world.

High school students can explore AI by enrolling in programs like Inspirit AI to pursue this exploration in a guided environment. Even a general understanding of AI can be a huge leg up in almost any field.

For those interested in developing a deep understanding of cutting-edge developments in AI, there are a number of entry points. For example, you may consider majoring in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Information Sciences. Beyond college, knowledge and passion for AI will set you up for a rapidly expanding career market as well.


At Inspirit AI, AI Scholars inspires curious high school students globally by exposing them to the defining technology of our times: Artificial Intelligence. AI is already present everywhere: in our voice-activated devices, smartphone face recognition systems, and autonomous vehicles. The potential to apply this technology for good is limitless.

We recently sponsored a webinar on this topic entitled, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Afterschool Programs. To view the webinar recording, click here.

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